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four quarters young adults

Grade 10-12 students. LET'S TALK MONEY $

Young Adults KitFinancial literacy is an acquired skill. In the same way we learn to read, to write and solve math problems, we can learn the importance of money and how it works.

Understanding both HOW and WHY we manage money (spending, saving and investing) combined with building solid organization strategies sets a strong foundation for success.

four quarter$ young adults is designed to teach these important life skills.

four quarter$ young adults is for young men and women who are taking their first independent steps. Perhaps they are planning to go to university or they are leaving home for the first time. Whatever the reason they are on the cusp of change - their first steps to true independence.

Let's give our children - these young men and women - the skills to succeed as they move into the next exciting phase of their lives.

four quarter$ young adults includes a brief bag and binder that keeps everything in one place. It is easy to use. It is set up like a workbook. Our practical, commonsense approach provides a structure and process that works. The techniques learned can be used now and long into the future. Our kit becomes an active and functional part of life from the moment you open it.

Financial Literacy

Simple and easy approach to understanding the basic foundation of money management (from chequing accounts to long term investments):

  1. Pay yourself first – 10% of all the money that comes your way – build your wealth.
  2. Live within your means.
  3. Know the difference between good debt and bad debt.

Organizational Tools

An organizational system that keeps track of important documents making them easily accessible when they are needed:

  1. A place to keep all of your important documents (passport, school transcripts, resumes).
  2. An effective system to deal with them.
  3. One convenient storage place (binder and brief bag).

Work in Progress

A project management tool that supports you to get things done and save time:

  1. Supports you in managing and completing ongoing work (avoid procrastination).
  2. Back up files – don't lose important information.
  3. Resources – here's where you can learn more about growing your $$$$.


Building confidence, self-esteem, and know how.

The Fourth and final is section is what we call the YOU section. As the young people complete the steps and acquire the skills of financial literacy, money management and organization, they will gain a better understanding of who they are, how they operate in life and what they may want to do and be. In that sense they are already on the road to becoming wealthy in a whole and complete way in which monetary wealth is only part of the bigger picture.

You can take charge and make conscious choices about the life YOU WANT TO LIVE. It's a life builder kit.

This kit contains one brief bag, one 3-ring binder, one zippered money pouch, plastic sleeves, business card holder, CD holder and our 56-page four quarter$ step-by-step guide to managing money and building solid organizational strategies.

Imagine what it would be like for a young person to be able to make the transition towards independence having the knowledge and skills that will allow them to go forward with confidence?

Wouldn't you want the young people in your life to have this opportunity?

What better gift can you give?


If you have any questions we would be delighted to talk to you.
Suitable for Grade 10-12 students
Price: $49.95 (plus taxes and shipping)









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