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There are infinite reasons why our kits would work for you. Pick one. Pick many. Our kits can impact your life.

Managing your money is an essential life skill.

Teach your children what you WISH you had been taught.

Are you struggling to understand where to begin?

Learn how to help your children take charge of their financial future and build wealth.

How confident are you that your children are learning good management skills? How confident are they?

Do you wonder exactly what your teen is learning about managing money? Do their peers really have the answers?

Are you parenting or grand-parenting a person who needs a reality check about where money comes from?

Credit card companies don't wait for your kids to become financially literate. Be prepared.

It is easy for responsible adults to get into debt. For our young adults it's even easier.

Face reality. Make informed choices. Don't bury your head in the sand.

Build problem solving strategies - a life long skill.

Create healthy, realistic and positive habits about money.

Encourage financial independence. An important life skill.

Do your children know the difference between good debt and bad debt? Avoid the pitfalls.

Break the cycle of "buy now, pay later!"

Encourage children to be in control of their financial situation and their identity.

Do your children realize the importance of managing personal documentation?

Build organizational skills. Keep track of important, personal documents. Make them easily accessible when needed.

Help your children build the stepping stones to realizing their goals and dreams.

Supports children to achieve their goals even when they loose sight of where they are.

Do you procrastinate? Don't defer an action because it's too much effort to find or retrieve basic information or important documentation.

Learn how to make your money work for you. Over a life time, the strategies you learn may save you many, many dollars and may make you many, many more.

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