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"At sometime or other, we have all equipped our children with a basic hammer and screwdriver tool kit…just in case anything happens "out there". Here is a basic financial/life organizer kit that will give them the money tools they need to take control of their finances. This guide is clear, concise, and completely ready to use…given a few hours young people will know how to budget, save and grow their money…such important tools that will support them through a lifetime. I highly recommend this straightforward guide."
Ann, teacher & mother of 2 young adults

"I wanted to express our thanks! You have exceeded our expectations of the class. I knew it was a success when my husband came home and he was greeted with an excited, bouncing, full of stories about the class and how she is so excited to have a bank account and be able to be organized about the things she wants to save for! She said she wishes there was this class every week!

Joey and I both talked tonight about how great it would have been for us to learn these valuable life skills before we did and had made mistakes and had to learn that way.

We sat down tonight as family and opened up Claire's box (the one we told you about with the inefficient dividers) and also the money her grandmother stuffed in her wallet two days ago and the little bit of change that she had here and there. We totalled it and she paid herself first ... wow ... what a moment for her! She said "it feels good to be paid first!". I ever thought about that before but when you said today how it is "tied" to self esteem I can really see that it is a healthy way of loving yourself, putting yourself first, thanks for this .. this to me was the single most important take away from today. One that we will implement in our family budget process too!

Claire wrote on the calendar on every other Thursday that we will be "meeting" to take any monies in her pouch and pay herself and divide the rest into the jars We will also be opening her a bank account next week. She set some goals about the "Things I am saving for jar" and wrote them on another label on the back of the jar.

Thanks again, it really was great."
Jackie, mother of Claire

"Easy to understand format.

" You have managed to simplify and come up with a manageable and not too time consuming method (organization tools)"

"You are offering so much valuable information for anyone wanting to take control of their "financial life". It is presented in such a way that it is easy to follow an easy to use. Very motivating for those who want to improve their "financial health or well-being".
Sue, mother of three young adults

"Very complete, very useful"
Lindsay, age 21

"So far the best part for me has been the concept of having every piece of important information in the same convenient spot. I know where they are".
Aran, age 18

"I can focus my attention on my interests when both my finances and important paperwork are organized. It makes me feel relaxed."
Nathan, age 24








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