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Teach your children how to ...

Spend Wisely

Spend WiselyIt's all about choice!

Learning the difference between needs and wants and making choices about how to spend money builds self-confidence.

TIP1: Encourage your child in a conversation about needs and wants. Have them make a wish list and talk about what their top two choices would be for spending their money.

TIP2: Encourage your child to spend only what they have. Do not advance money against an allowance.

Learning how to track your money. Knowing where your money goes helps you make good decisions and live within your means.

TIP 1: Encourage your children to track their money for a week. What comes in (from where) and what goes out (to where).

TIP 2: Have a conversation about their spending. What do they like about their spending? What would they like to change? This introduces them to the world of budgets.


  • Learning to live within their means.
  • Introduces choices in matters of money management.
  • Learning at an early age to avoid bad debt.
  • Empowering your child and helping to build self-confidence

    Know where your money goes ...









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