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four quarters kids

Grade 1-4 students. Teaching kids about money $

Learning good money management and organizational skills sets a strong foundation for success.

Financial literacy is an acquired skill. In the same way that children learn to read books, to write stories and solve math problems, they need to learn the importance of money and how it works.

four quarter$ kids has been designed to help YOU teach these skills to children. Here is where you begin.

four quarter$ kids has been specifically designed to promote and teach effective money management skills.

Children will:

  1. Learn about themselves.
  2. Learn how to make good choices.
  3. Learn how to look after their money.

four quarter$ kids is easy to use. It is visual, tactile and fun.

Your "how to" book engages children in every step of the process. Children buy in through conversation and hands-on practice. Each page is dedicated to a specific conversation. It is thought provoking and allows children to relate each concept to their own experience. Every page is a stepping stone to the next concept and skill.

The handy money pouch gives children a place to collect their money. The four money jars and labels are used to help children divide up their money, learn how to spend wisely and save successfully.

What better gift can you give?


If you have any questions we would be delighted to talk to you.
Suitable for Grade 1-4 students
Price: $19.95 (plus taxes and shipping)









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