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Give Intentionally

Give IntentionallyGive Intentionally so they can feel the joy and satisfaction that comes from realizing that they have the power to make a difference.

Quote: "He who gives while he lives, gets to know where it goes." Percy Ross.

One of the four pillars of learning: GIVE intentionally.

We have a natural desire to give to others of our time, our talents and our possessions. Helping your children to be purposeful and deliberate teaches them the power of giving.

TIP 1: Have a conversation with your children about what they would like to give to family and friends.

TIP 2: Together as a family, research the work done by various charities in the community and worldwide. Discuss with them where they would like to make a difference and how they can make it happen? Decide if it is to be time, talent or money or a combination.


  • Acknowledging and celebrating what they have.
  • Encouraging them to think about others.
  • Giving them a way of saying thank you and showing gratitude.
  • Showing them that their actions have the power to inspire others.
  • Helping them feel good about themselves.
  • Realizing what they do makes a difference to someone else.
  • Participating in building community.









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