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Ruth Kewin, Dorthe Davison and Jane Gibson are the original founders. Ruth has since stepped into the role of Managing Director.

Ruth and Dorthe originally taught the concept of "four quarter$" to their own children. As their children were making the transition to 'young adults', they realized that these important life skills had not been learned. They created a mini-workshop and makeshift manual to fill the gap before our children left home.

They were pleased to welcome Jane on board, who not only shared the same concerns as a parent, but brought her skill and passion as a graphic designer. StoneBetween the three of them they had eight children ranging in age from three to thirty-one years. Their children spanned three decades but the concerns remain the same.

Ruth, Dorthe and Jane all shared the same underlying principles "we need to help our children understand both HOW and WHY managing money is important. We hold strong to the belief that in managing money we create the foundation to build the life that we want to live. It's not about how much money we have in the bank, but how we choose to use it - creating the opportunity and freedom to make choices".

We all want our children to grow into independent, responsible and happy adults.

Our children were the first ones to try four quarter$. They encouraged us to share our message.

Photograph: from left to right - Ruth, Dorthe, Jane

Ruth Kewin is a life coach, educator, counsellor, trainer and facilitator. Ruth holds a B.A. in Psychology and a B.Ed. Ruth brings many years of experience working with children, young people and adults going through transitions in their education, career, business or family. Ruth's focus is on supporting her clients to acquire and use the skills, knowledge and experience they need to move forward and achieve their goals.

Dorthe Davison is an educator and holds a M.Ed specializing in child development and curriculum development. Using an integrated approach to learning and teaching, Dorthe has worked for many years with students and their families teaching and supporting them through the education process and through life's transitions. Dorthe is an experienced community builder. Her philosophy is simple. If we support individuals in the acquisition of skills we develop self-esteem, encourage a willingness to work together and enable them to approach life with confidence.

Jane Gibson brings a strong flair in graphic design and has a wealth of hands-on business experience. Jane's extensive knowledge within small to medium size entrepreneurial businesses has exposed her to many elements of the back office environment from training, human resources, sales and marketing, accounting and project management.



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